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sophia michelle

Detailed. Passionate. Devoted. Real – Just a few words patients use to describe PA Sophia Michelle. Aesthetic medicine is flooded with all types of medical professionals attempting to provide high-quality results. Finding someone with the training from a combination of the top clinicians of plastic surgery, vascular surgery, and evidence-based medicine proves rare, and PA Sophia Michelle has the combination of all three.

Her medical expertise is perfectly intertwined with her passion for the arts and in-depth knowledge of beauty thru the ages. Sophia has built a professional career centered on teaching and providing technical expertise to other medical professionals. Most importantly, Sophia uses her knowledge to provide world-class results to her patients.

Her Philosophy:

Above all, PA Sophia Michelle believes in the philosophy that we are all born into this world to love and help each other have full, enriching and prosperous lives. Every day presents a new opportunity to help make the world be a better place. PA Sophia Michelle loves doing that one person at a time. Her eternal gratitude extends to their loving husband, and supportive Park Cities and Preston Hollow Communities for providing her with the ability to raise her beloved children, and simultaneously reach her professional dreams through this exciting business.

“It takes a village”, is a perspective she has on just about everything in life. Creating a precise and personalized gracefully aging health plan, and performing procedures that ensure her patients receive THEIR rejuvenated, NOT altered, natural physical masterpiece, remains her daily professional mission. Understanding her passion and energy is something that must be experienced by meeting her. Schedule your consultation today, and discover your world-class, gracefully aging potential

“I’ve spent my career looking for ways to help individuals, organizations, and companies find their fastest most optimal path for success. Along the way, I learned how important self-image was to unlocking an individual’s endless potential, and how society makes that task harder and harder every day. Confidence is the key to being able to make the healthiest, and wisest decisions. There is nothing more igniting than providing someone the understanding of their own outer and inner beauty, and giving them the results that build the confidence to take those first difficult steps towards achievement. One life. One passion. Aesthetic Medicine. World-Class Results. Supporting our Community.” – PA Sophia Michelle

Her Expertise

1. Hair Restoration

PA Sophia Michelle understands far too well the emotional impact from hair thinning. After having her first child, she remembers her hair falling out to a level that affected her self-esteem. After two additional children and a difficult divorce, she was suffering from moderate androgenic loss as well as rapid onset of graying. She spent extensive time researching the evidence on a variety of treatments for hair thinning. Over the last ten years, numerous small studies and case reports have been published on the success of a hair strengthening, and regrowth utilizing Platelet Rich Plasma injections into the scalp. After reviewing a variety of different protocols for hair loss, Sophia has identified a superior protocol that includes other treatments to maximize each patient’s regrowth potential. Her own success with the treatment has been life-changing, and self-motivating to help others suffering from the same condition.

2. Skin Rejuvenation

Daily Skin Care

Quantifying the importance of ‘feeling and looking your best’ into words is almost impossible, and priceless. There are few things that make PA Sophia Michelle feel better than being able to wake up in the morning, looking refreshed, realizing it only takes 6 minutes per day, and an hour every 3-4 months to maintain that status. PA Sophia Michelle’s is a working mother of three, who understands far too well the hardships of finding time for herself, but she is dedicated to helping others obtain that same feeling of looking your best. Healthy skin is obtainable for everyone. With her expertise in research, PA Sophia Michele has performed the due diligence to find the best products at the best price to provide you with the optimal high-quality healthy skin plan. We all want to age gracefully. Learn how you can do that to the best of your abilities. Schedule a consultation today!

Turning Back Time

PA Sophia Michelle has a distinctive and copyrighted approach towards helping others find their ‘best fit’ – rate of aging gracefully. Everyone wants to be able to walk into a room filled with their family and friends who are thinking “Wow, doesn’t she/he look great”. However, the key to the statement is not having them think “doesn’t she look like she just had something done”. Repeatedly, we all hear people talking about others that whom you can absolutely tell they had some type of aesthetic enhancement. PA Sophia Michelle’s practice is solely focused on the opposite of this. She focuses on how to help you look your absolute best naturally with perhaps only your best friend being able to tell something has changed. “Natural Best” is the phrase that PA Sophia Michelle will repeat over and over to her clients. This is the key to aging gracefully.

Fortunately, PA Sophia Michelle has extensive knowledge and expertise in the safest, and most effective noninvasive aesthetic procedures, such as, neuromodulators (BOTOX, DYSPORT, XEOMEN), fillers (Restylane (Lyft, Refine, Define), Juvederm (Ultra, Vobella, Vollure, Voluma), Radiesse, Belotero, Artfill, and collagen stimulators Sculptra, Plasma Rich Platelets, microneedling, and more. PA Sophia Michelle believes every patient should understand their options including determining their individual cost-risk-benefit analysis. Sometimes a surgical correction is the better option for a patient, and being able to discuss those options with a surgical cosmetic PA is an enormous advantage. Take the time to discover your natural best today, consultations are free and informative.

3. Aesthetic Cryo-Vein Therapy

As the Former President of the Society of Vascular Surgery for Physician Assistants, PA Sophia Michelle’s expertise in vein conditions is vast, and her technical skills in erasing spiders vein are incomparable. Every patient suffering from undesired veins within their legs needs to be in the hands of an expert, able to thoroughly evaluate each patient to ensure no additional underlying conditions are present that may require more advanced treatment. PA Sophia Michelle has spent years teaching doctors, advanced practice providers, and nurses her expertise in vein therapies. One of the most important factors in having a successful spider vein or small varicose vein treatment is in the technical skills of the expert providing the care, and the time spent conducting the procedure. Every appointment is scheduled for an hour, 45 minutes for treatment time, and 15 minutes for preparation-post-education. Realistic goals are provided to each patient, and those goals are guaranteed. There are many types of vein therapies on the market, however, all are dependent on the expert providing them, and few that provided the highest efficacy plus safety. Take advantage of Sophia Michelle Aesthetics | Wellness packages, and ensure you’re in expert hands. Schedule a Cryo-Vein Therapy Consultation Today!

4. Mastery Injectable Training

Comprehensive Aesthetic Training. World-Class. Individualized. Many aesthetic training programs focus on teaching the foundation of the variety of treatment options in aesthetic medicine. During that same short time, medical professionals are taught the basic technical skills for each treatment. The result of these short term “certifying” programs is that just about any state licensed nurse to physician can begin treating patients for the treatments they paid an intuition to certify them. Everyone should start somewhere, and just like finishing nursing, PA or NP, or medical school there must be a starting point. Unfortunately, there is an enormous variation in styles and techniques, and individual learning curves. PA Sophia Michelle helps close that gap from a newly trained (less than 3 years) to an experienced Aesthetic Provider, with her optimized and individualized teaching sessions. Her countless hours studying the art of beauty over the ages, facial architecture, precise step by step technical training, learn her Tice Technique© and receive her personalized priceless long-term support. Call today to discuss the opportunity to train with PA Sophia Michelle, a World-Class Aesthetic Instructor.

“My daily joy centers on family, lifelong learning, health, and believing one good deed at a time can change a person’s path for a lifetime.” – PA Sophia Michelle