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Trichotillomania (early stage)

Trichotillomania develops from a psychological condition that provides the patient with the release of tensions after pulling out his or her hair from the scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, or body. The result is an unusual pattern of hair thinning. Permanent damage can occur if the habit is not stopped; referred to as permanent scarring alopecia. If the patient receives dual psychological counseling, often patients can be cured if caught earlier. In the event, patients do not seek counseling and continue pulling their follicles out, and permanent scarring trichotillomania will develop. Aggressive therapy is recommended for anyone diagnosed with this condition.


Even after the patient becomes aware of the condition, more often they have a difficult time admitting the condition to anyone. Pre-puberty and menopause are most common periods of onset for the women dominate condition. Men are significantly less at risk for development. Unfortunately, most patients do not realize they are even pulling their hair out. The side with the most substantial lost tends to be the dominant hand side.


A patient needs to have completed an extensive behavioral therapy before receiving treatment for hair loss. If caught early, the majority of patients can see a return of their health hair by having a series of PRP treatments, low laser therapy, and topical stimulation.