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Does ACell and other “stem-cell” marketed products help boost PRP injections?

ACell’s MatriStem® technology has been mixed with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) by many cosmetic hair restoration specialists. Sophia Michelle Aesthetics is closely monitoring the research currently being done on adding ACell and similar products as an additive to PRP injections.

ACell is the by-product of urinary bladder tissue of pigs. A stripping procedure is done to the tissue cells before be made into a medication for human use. ACell is designed to be a regenerative medication by recruiting adult stem cells to the site of injury. This allows for additional growth factors, and proteins to be combined with your own bodies PRP necessary for tissue regeneration. premixed combination of PRP and Acell is thought to both prevent and regenerate hair genetic hair loss.

Sophia Michelle Aesthetics is continuously monitoring the studies evaluating this addition of ACell and others similar such as BioD (placental extracellular matrix) to PRP, and will provide update on if the therapy will be offered in combination with PRP after additional studies have shown statistically significant improvement, and safety.