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Our Team

Amanda Andreola

Practice Manager

Amanda Andreola graduated from Southwestern University in 2010 with her Bachelors in Religion. Throughout her professional career, she has worked with companies that are devoted to improving an individuals spriritual, and physical health. She accepted the position of Practice Manager, and helps oversee the staff, the administration, and policies of the practice. Her behind the scenes efforts, allows for Sophia Michelle Aethetics to have a seemless boutique aesthetic medical practice.

nutrition health coaches

Amy Bowers & Dara Akdmar

Certified Health Coaches

Amy Bowers lives in Dallas and is a busy mother of 4. She is a Certified Health Coach and received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014. She is passionate about exercise and fitness, being a devoted wife and mother, and cooking and eating healthy. Her mission is to help people reach their nutritional goals and eat whole foods that nourish the mind and body. She is a firm believer that the food we are eating can be our medicine and help heal us from the inside out. Amy wants to help her clients look and feel their best. Although Amy believes that nutrition is extremely important, she realizes it is only one component that plays into our overall health. Stress, work, sleep, relationships, and activity levels all play into this equation. Finding a balance and a plan that works with your lifestyle is the key to success. Amy will work with each client individually, uncovering any root problems, and helping you implement solutions that last.

Dara Akdamar is a Certified Health Coach received her certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Prior to being a Health Coach, Dara was a teacher for ten years before devoting her life to her three children and husband of twenty-four years. She has also been an ongoing mentor as well. Through her education she studied under the foremost leading experts and doctors in functional health and medicine. Her approach to health coaching is in her belief in bio-individuality (each person is unique and has specific individual health and nutritional needs.) She helps her clients discover the root cause of their health issue and once identified helps them to rebuild and incorporate this plan into their life. She does this through education, support, and empowering them to build healthy sustainable habits that uniquely work for them.

Jennifer Spears

Essential Oils Specialist

Jennifer, originally from Los Angeles now residing in Dallas, has always appreciated the simplicity of nature. She enjoys all the wonders of the outdoors – hiking, running, and visiting as many National Parks as possible on her family’s travels – her efforts to bring her family wellness naturally led her to essential oils. Jennifer began using essential oils in her home and with her children four years ago. At first the oils were used to prevent the common childhood coughs and colds and to make the home smell pleasant, however she began educating herself on the benefits of using essential oils for managing muscle pain, better sleep, increased focus and energy, mood and emotional support, and so much more. In mid 2017, she began an essential oils education group, which is now over 700 oilers strong and increasing everyday. Jennifer is bringing essential oils and non-toxic living to as many families as possible through her personal expertise, education, and outreach. She is currently enrolled in the American College of Healthcare Sciences certification program for Aromatherapy.

Cristina Siepela

Koat Yoga Specialist

Christina Siepiela discovered Kaiut Yoga® in 2001. Living a hectic lifestyle as a Family Law Attorney and a College Professor in Curitiba, Brazil, Christina developed a sciatic nerve pain that became so severe it affected her day to day mobility as well her sleep. She heard that Kaiut Yoga® could help and she started practicing with Francisco weekly. And help it did. In 2004, Christina moved to the United States and there she continued her yoga practice, but with Kaiut Yoga® not available locally she was practicing hot and power yoga; even taking teacher training in another method. After a few years, personal reflection revealed a need for something deeper and more meaningful. She reconnected with Francisco in 2016 and is now working towards her Kaiut Yoga® teacher certification under the Intensive Teacher Training program in Toronto, Canada with completion in September 2018.

Melanie Gayle


Mary Manning

Hair & Make-up Consultants