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microneedling for hair loss


Studies have proven that the addition of microneedling to PRP treatments can significantly improve the stimulation of regrowth compared to alone therapy. The architecturally designed micro-injuries promote the body to stimulate additional healing processes within the body by recruiting numerous cell types to the site of injury. Sophia Michelle Aesthetics will recommend on an individual basis the addition of microneedling to PRP therapies. Majority of patients suffering from moderate level of thinning or higher commonly are recommended to add microneedling.

Does microneedling hurt?

Our patients will receive a cooling therapy for the scalp prior, and during the treatment. This will significantly reduce the discomfort that lasts less than one minute. Majority of all patients state the discomfort is tolerable, and worth the results. Patients are recommended to take a Tylenol (if not allergic) prior to treatment to again assist in the reduction of discomfort.

Do you numb prior to treatment?

Literature has suggested the “numbing” medications can potentially harm the fragile platelets, therefore we try other alternative mechanisms to reduce discomfort. We have yet to have a patient abort the treatment due to discomfort.