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Medical Grade Skin Products Patient


Just about everyone has felt overwhelmed standing in a drugstore aisle looking at the variety of choices available for skincare. Often we ask ourselves, “should I get the well-known brand or the store brand, and are any of them actually doing what they claim to do?” Luckily, none of us are alone in the quest to decipher the marketing strategies of billion dollar companies. One of the most important steps in choosing between the plethora of skin care products on the market is determining the truth behind the product. The unfortunate part of that quest is that a majority of the manufacturing companies don’t spend their money on quality, evidence-based research. Instead, money is spent on advertising and outselling the competition, leaving consumers to face the extremely difficult challenge of determining the true benefits of a single product.

The Truth About Skincare Products

  • Clean and effective ingredients are more expensive.
  • Manufacturer scientist teams know their competitors ingredients
  • Little difference exists between the top 10 global skincare lines.
  • Once to twice a year a new major advancement is discovered.
  • Billions of dollars are spent to attract you to a specific product.
  • Little unbiased research is conducted in the aesthetic industry.
  • Head-to-head studies comparing company’s products to the next are rarely conducted.

Chemical Free versus Man-Made

Everything comes from something on the planet. It’s important to know that in some cases, an ingredient that is grown naturally can be more harmful than something man has produced, and vice versa. The purpose of reducing harsh toxins and chemicals in skin care is to prevent long-term damage and irritation. Every client has a different plan for optimizing their skin’s health, so our practice does the research necessary to help you achieve your best self using the best products on the market.

Scientific Advancements

The rate of advancements in topical anti-aging skin care products is growing exponentially each year. There is no single “fountain of youth” ingredient or product, however, scientists are continuously working to discover new pathways to slow the rate in which we age and identify new ways to restore our youthful appearance. At SM Aesthetics, we have a simple and real mission that can be accomplished by remaining small, focused and determined to provide you with the safest and most advanced skin care products in the world.

Daily Skincare Regimen

A collection of products from different manufacturers can do more harm to your skin than you might know. Often marketing strategies suck consumers into a whirlwind of product overload, and unnecessary variation. Knowing your skin’s mission to maintain a specific pH balance can help you make less impulsive purchases based on billions of dollars spent on marketing strategies, and instead, SM Aesthetics will help you transition into making purchases based on proven research.

“The greatest opportunity anyone has to improve the rate of aging is by reduction of harmful environmental exposures, and superior daily skincare regimens” – PA Sophia Michelle


Focused Therapies


The sun can accelerate the rate in which we age from the outside-in. Zinc is a critical ingredient in sun blockers. Do you know how long sunblock lasts? An SPF of 50 = 100 minutes of protection. Want to know more? Schedule a consultation today!


All brighteners are not the same. We actively seek the best of the best, and combine products to that seriously reduce hyperpigmentation. Our combinations have equivalent results to photofacials without the risk. Let us help you shed the pigment, and shine.


Collagen-boosting products are combined with tried-and-true products like Retin-A to achieve dramatic results. Collagen stimulation is now the focus of most skincare product manufacturers, and checkout our newest product 8 in 1 Defenage.


Daily gamer-changer. Injectable-grade filler formulated in topical use. Many manufacturers claim that they have hyaluronic acid in their products, but only a few have the technology to allow them to penetrate the skin. Magic in a bottle.


Redness due to slight irritation, or medical conditions can be difficult to cover, and prevent. No matter your situation, we have found the best redness-reducing products on the market.


We believe in the power of pH balanced topical therapies, multi-zone treatment plans, and education on the causes of acne. These combinations help our clients heal breakouts and prevent them from happening. Let’s clear skin together.

Daily Skincare Products

“Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and aging gracefully is a big part of your self-image. Our mission is to help you age gracefully at your desired rate. There is only one secret to anti-aging, Daily Skincare Regimens!” – PA Sophia Michelle