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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Therapy Changes Lives:

Often, you will hear PA Sophia Michelle educating her clients and students about the importance of understanding their own “beauty equation.” A pill isn’t always the answer to helping someone get healthier – in fact, one of the most powerful ways to help someone make healthier choices is to simply give them a small boost in their self-esteem. Modern medicine today misses the boat when it comes to preventative care, and it begins with teaching us all how to stay physically and mentally healthy first. Just a tiny increase in self-confidence can lead to healthier choices in our daily living, professional growth, and relationship building.

Everyone is beautiful, and yes, certain people are born with stronger beauty equations than others, but we all possess both internal and external beauty. Finding the right person to help you discover and maintain the maximum potential of your beauty equation is our passion. We are more than happy to help even the playing field for those with a slightly less than genetic advantage. We want to help you feel like ‘you’ again, but in a discreet way that leaves you looking beautiful and natural.

Why should you consider filler?

Through the years, a variety of architectural changes occur in our face, and the rate of these changes is often dependent on your genetics and lifestyle. Ultimately, we begin to notice loss of volume, increased pore size, fine lines, wrinkles and loose skin in our face and neck. More often than not, these changes may project an appearance that is older than you are and that doesn’t represent how you feel on the inside, causing an internal-external physical mismatch. Cosmetic fillers help close that gap safely and affordably.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) cosmetic fillers are the leading choice in fillers worldwide. HA is a natural substance found inside your body that is responsible for keeping skin hydrated and supple. Scientists have discovered optimal ways of reformulating HA into injectable cosmetic fillers, allowing you to immediately shed years off of your face with zero downtime required.

Why select an Hylaronic Acid Cosmetic Filler over other fillers?

  1. They are closest to your body’s natural state
  2. They’re highly biocompatible with your skin
  3. They’re easily dissolved

“Age Gracefully, and enjoy everyday to your fullest” – PA Sophia Michelle

Areas of Volume Loss

Sun damage, genetics, nutrition and environmental toxins all play critical roles in our body’s aging process. For many, the process occurs at a faster rate, and begins in the early twenties. Luckily, over the last thirty years, we have made progress towards identifying the factors that cause aging. The areas of potential volume loss or asymmetry that can be restored or balanced with fillers include:

Cheeks-Mid Face Loss

This is the most common area of volume loss and subsequent placement of fillers. SM Aesthetic Techniques has a unique formula that ensures only restoration and enhancement of her clients’ natural beauty is performed.

Nasolabial Folds

These lines extend from the corner of the nose down to the corner of the mouth. It is a common place for asymmetry of the face due to genetics and aging. Placing filler into these lines softens them and provides symmetry.


Often, due to extreme weight loss or age-related changes in the face, we lose volume in the temple area. PA Sophia Michelle does recommend temple filler to a small subset of her patients.

Marionette Lines/Oral Commissures

Deep lines caused by volume loss, usually from the corners of the mouth down to the jawline. Lifting the corners of the mouth and smoothing the jawline are youthful results of filler in this region.

Perioral Lines

These lines are typically called “smoker’s lines.” By placing filler into the vermillion border of the lip, and sometimes the space between the nose and lip as well, we can soften or remove these frustrating lines.

Chin Augmentation

This procedure is suitable for clients with little to no protrusion of the chin, or deep horizontal lines. By adding volume to the chin with filler, we are able to help soften and balance the face.

Tear Troughs

Fillers placed in this area plump up the space or “hollowing” under the eye. Some people have noticeable hollowing under the eye that causes them to look tired and tends to make them look older. By placing filler into the hollow, we can make patients look younger and more rested.

Fillers are used to replace the natural volume that has been depleted or dropped into the lower face. A majority of fillers use a hyaluronic acid foundation in their product to accomplish this synergistic replacement. Others use a synthetic Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA) ingredient that also simultaneously stimulates collagen production.

PA Sophia Michelle has developed an advanced algorithm that identifies each person’s unique natural beauty equation. Combined with her superior technical injector skills and in-depth anatomy expertise, patients will easily be able to make personal decisions about weighing the risks, cost comparisons, and lasting results of noninvasive treatments versus surgical correction. “Natural” beauty is her style, and she will commonly advise clients to stay away from an “overdone” look. This takes away from her clients’ true beauty, and PA Sophia Michelle believes there is nothing more important.

Schedule a consultation today to learn PA Sophia Michelle’s mastery secrets, and allow yourself to receive the highest quality of care.

Stigma of Filler:

During an initial consultation, we often hear the same statement coming from our clients: “I really don’t want to look done, fake, altered, or made to look like everyone else.” PA Sophia Michelle agrees that these concerns are valid, and her unique approach to nonsurgical cosmetic therapy is centered on the preservation of your individual and unique architectural beauty equation.

The root source of the stigma surrounding cosmetic filler is the necessity of universal injection guidelines formulated by makers of the cosmetic filler. These companies must be able to produce a product that can be used safely and simply by providers who have not been trained in surgical techniques. These guidelines create easily replicated and non-artistic results, described by the general public as “copied and altered faces.” This is the opposite goal of cosmetic medicine; however, it tends to be the more common result.

No matter the cause of the stigma, these results defeat the purpose of cosmetic medicine, and unfortunately misrepresent a confidence-boosting nonsurgical cosmetic therapy that is an outstanding and affordable solution to combating signs of aging.

The stigma solution: PA Sophia Michelle Mastery Techniques

Mastery takes time, devotion, passion and the belief that you can always learn more. In order to become a master at anything, typically the commitment to lifelong learning needs to be present. Throughout PA Sophia Michelle’s career, she has worked under masters in a variety of fields of both medicine and academics. She learned that a platform for success focused on purposeful change, and revolutionary advancement is generated only through meticulous attention to detail, the focus of solving one problem at a time, critical personal analysis, in-depth study of prior theories, research, and practice methods, along with out-of-the-box-thinking.

PA Sophia Michelle creates an architectural map for every patient to understand the causes behind facial changes, and identifies your hidden structural opportunities to more easily achieve the reversal of time. These architectural illusions allow for age-appropriate facial rejuvenation that leaves clients looking refreshed and youthful, but hides the secret that they had anything done.

Selecting your Filler Provider