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Medical Acne Extractions

Just about everyone has “popped” a pimple, but there are plenty of reasons why self-extractions are not recommended. Proper technique is crucial to avoid causing the following:

  • Permanent acne scars
  • More noticeable acne
  • More painful acne
  • Infection

Contrary to your initial desire to squeeze a pimple, you should consider that the majority of the time, the contents of the pimple actually get pushed deeper into the skin, allowing the bacteria to replicate faster. This will cause higher levels of inflammation and greater opportunity for the pimple to expand in size. Further, the pimples become more noticeable, and can lead to hyperpigmentation or scarring.

Sophia Michelle Aesthetics Knows How to Safely Extract Acne

An experienced aesthetic provider will use acne extraction techniques and sterile instruments to safely and effectively remove blackheads and whiteheads. Some larger acne cysts, or nodules, will require an incision and advanced drainage techniques using a sterile needle or blade to open the blemish and remove the contents. Prior to the extraction, you may first undergo skin cleansing and exfoliation.