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Our scalps every day build a layer of dead skin cells, oil, sweat, bacteria, environmental toxins, and hair products. All of these combined form a layer of plaque that sits on top of your scalp’s skin, and hair follicles. If left unwashed, the plaque can begin to raise the natural pH of your scalp and create an environment that supports the clogging of your hair follicles, bacterial infections, dry scalp, oily scalp, and dandruff. Your optimal scalps pH is 5.5, which is more of an acidic scalp. The acidic environment allows for the hair shaft to flatten, and helping lock in moisture into the shaft, resulting in a healthy follicle. Sadly, most cleansing hair products are much higher than 5.5 pH, and lead to the hair shaft swelling that opens the cuticle of the hair, and reducing the moisture. Lower moisture in the follicle causes significant damage to the hair shaft and creates visible thinning of hair, dryness, and frizz.

Your goal with topical shampoos is to preserve the pH balance between 4.5-5.5. A scalp with optimal pH will then be able to maintain a healthy barrier called the “acid mantle.” The acid mantle will ensure bacteria, viruses, and environmental toxins have less access to our bodies. Majority of these harmful attackers are alkaline. Therefore the acid mantle can destroy them. Any shampoo system above a 5.5 pH is harmful to your scalp and will prevent the full capabilities of hair health leading to optimal hair growth.

The key to healthy hair is moisture (water) and not your hairs natural oils that keep your hair healthy. Think of the oil (sebum) produced by your scalp as equally as the amount produced by your face, and both are the highest producing of sebum in your body. Your scalp requires just as good of hygiene as the rest of your body, and very like your face. Therefore, the type of hair products used to cleanse your hair are just as important as the products used to cleanse your face.