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Acne Therapy

Acne, a condition that was once thought to primarily affect young adults, is the most common skin condition within the United States and affects nearly 50 million Americans each year. Acne typically begins during the teen years, and unfortunately, can linger for some beyond the fifth decade of life.

Sophia Michelle Aesthetics Acne Program

Educate – Treat – Prevent

Experts at Sophia Michelle Aesthetics believe clients are empowered by understanding the causes of their acne, along with the most effective and safe treatment options available to them. Our clients want to get healed as quickly as possible, but also want lasting control. Sophia Michelle Aesthetics is committed to helping them obtain those goals through education and treatment.

Sophia Michelle Aesthetics understands that the inflammatory and bacterial acne phases can be challenging to get under control, and treats that period very differently than the controlled acne phase. Acne is caused by multiple factors, and solving each individual equation and developing an optimized treatment plan is what Sophia Michelle Aesthetics does best.