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early stage of traction alopecia

Traction Alopecia (early stage)

Tension placed on the hairline often causes traction alopecia and most commonly is a result of tightly pulled weaves. When caught early, commonly is cured with removal of the traction. Unfortunately, if not caught early can lead to permanent damage. Concern for permanent and lasting damage is when the root of the follicle is pulled out, and or destroyed. If the condition has been present for longer than one year, often patients can begin to develop scarring alopecia. Resolution of the cause is critical to preventing scarring traction alopecia.


Many hairstyles cause traction alopecia; braids, weaves, extensions, cornrows, and ponytails are a common source of injury. Other causes can include harsh chemicals (dyes, bleaches, straighteners) and straightening irons


The easiest treatment for traction alopecia is complete removal of the tension or chemical. Allowing the follicles to grow with zero tension or exposure to toxins will dramatically improve the overall follicle health. If caught early, a majority of patients can see a return of their health hair by having a series of PRP treatments, low laser therapy, and topical stimulation. Schedule an appointment with Sophia Michelle Aesthetics to discuss your evaluation, and discover your highest potential for healthier hair.