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Medical Grade Red Light Laser Therapy

How does Red Light Therapy work?

Red Light Laser Therapy has been proven to stimulate neovascularization surrounding hair follicles, and stimulating the mitochondria of hair cells to grow. This coherent light, meaning their light waves are aligned and traveling in synchronicity penetrates the scalp at a depth of 3 – 5 mm and reach the base of a hair follicle. However, hair follicles can only absorb coherent laser light at a wavelength of 678 ± 8 nanometers (nm).

Thermadome for Hair loss

The Theradome’s 80 proprietary lasers harness the power of red light at an optimized wavelength of 678 nm, which is ideal for clinical strength hair rejuvenation. The Thermadome achieves this better than any other at home LED technology, and has won numerous awards for their patented technology.

  • Step 1 – Charge Thermadome Fully and Register Device Online
  • Step 2 – Press Button, and listen for instructions. 20 minute sessions.
  • Step 3 – Repeat treatment minimum 2 per week, up to every 12 hours


Am I a candidate for a LED Light Therapy?

Just about everyone is a candidate for using a LED Cold Laser Therapy. Whether you have hair thinning or not, this device will promote hair strength, and growth. Individuals with mild thinning might only need this therapy, while others with more advanced hair loss will benefit from adding this therapy to their treatment plans.

When can I expect to see results?

  • Initial Response Stage: Reduction of Shedding. (Notice by less hair in brush, drain, and clothes) (commonly 1-2 months)
  • Secondary Response Stage: Increased rate of hair growth and thickness of hair shaft. (thicker, and improvement in length) (commonly 1-4 months of treatment)
  • Third Response Stage: Stimulation of dormant follicles to regrow. (wide variations, 1cm per month for health follicles, commonly correlated with severity of condition, some may take 6 months to see improvement)
  • Final Response Stage: Maintenance of healthy hair, and regrowth.

*varies depending on severity of condition, and conjunctive therapies

Are LED Hair Therapies Painful?

No. Individuals with a sensitive scalp may experience sensitivity; especially in the last five minutes from the weight of the device on the scalp. However, this discomfort is very mild, and well tolerated.

What is the cost of a LED Hair Therapy?

On average, a Thermadome cost around $895. Commonly, a discount is provided to the device when bundled with other therapies. The lights within the device should last a life time per the manufacture, however the device only has a one year warranty.