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diagnosis of hair loss


Hair loss has been transformed from a condition once thought of as isolated to just men, to now being understood to be a condition that affects an alarming number of both genders. An overwhelming number of 40% of women develop thinning by the age of 50 years old. Over thirty million U.S. women suffer from hair loss, including PA Sophia Michelle. She understands the impact of hair thinning far too well, as after her first child was born, she noticed diffuse hair thinning that would only partially recover after each child’s birth. Three children later, combined with a stressful divorce, she found herself with severe thinning in the frontal area, just behind the hairline, and temporal thinning.

The emotional impact of hair loss is powerful. Often PA Sophia Michelle hears from her clients the same expression of frustration, they often say hair thinning at a young age is like “Waking up one day, looking in the mirror, and feeling like I’ve aged forty years. I feel embarrassed, hopeless, and lost in not knowing how to stop the progression.” All too often, people are left struggling with where to spend their money on treatment, or if any therapy works. Most conclude that there aren’t any good treatments available, and they’re left to deal with the loss by wearing wigs, and/or isolating themselves socially.

Over the course of her career, PA Sophia Michelle has meticulously reviewed the gold standards of diagnosis and treatment for the conditions she treats. Her years as a leading Assistant Professor teaching advanced practice providers the art of making a medical decision has given her an edge over her colleagues. Studies that proport to produce statistically significant evidence are becoming more common. Unfortunately, too many studies lack the proper scientific methods required to reduce bias and provide results that can be relied upon. Billions of dollars are spent every year in advertisements in the aesthetic and medical industry. Deciphering the marketing ploys can be a daunting task, even for leading research experts such as PA Sophia Michelle. To optimize her clients’ care, she has ensured that every method and product line she recommends undergoes a detailed review, and remains to be the OPTIMAL scientific and non-toxic therapy. Her evidence-based methods of analysis were developed from her studies at Oxford University, UK. She then advanced her skill in this area by teaching Evidence-Based Medicine as an Assistant Professor at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Passion leads to change, and PA Sophia Michelle could not be more passionate about hair thinning, and helping as many women and men achieve their highest hair health potential. Take the opportunity to read about the causes of hair loss, methods to reduce damage, and treatments to minimize hair loss.