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Hair Restoration

Many myths exist about healthy hair growth. Among them are misconceptions about the effectiveness of hair restoration treatments. A lot of individuals still fear that no treatment exists to reverse or even improve genetic androgenic hair loss. While a healthy dose of skepticism and a desire to obtain the facts is always a sound approach — especially when it concerns cosmetic procedures — the facts, in this case, tell a different. If you suffer from hair loss, yes, you can have effective treatment and restore your hair and your confidence. PA Sophie Michelle of Sophia Michelle Aesthetics can help you find the ideal treatments and perform them safely at her Dallas-area practice.

Sophia Michelle has not only done the research and performed proven therapies but also developed individualized protocols to restore weakened hair follicles to vibrant, strong and healthy locks of hair — so you can look younger, healthier and more vibrant again. The philosophy of her practice is to select the best approach for each client based on a careful study of their hair condition and to provide them with with the best evidence-based treatment options to deliver the results they want. This highly personalized and individual approach to hair restoration helps Sophia Michelle’s clients look exceptional but, more importantly, show the world the best version of themselves possible.

An Outstanding Hair Restoration Result Begins with a Thorough and Thoughtful Consultation

The foundation of our treatment approach is to help each patient fully understand the cycle of hair growth, the variety of factors that can contribute to the overall health of their hair follicles and the unique benefits of each of the available therapies which treat hair loss. It is this thorough knowledge of their own condition and their treatment options that empower Sophia Michelle’s patients to select the ideal treatment for their needs and maximize their results post-treatment. In this process, the guidance of an experienced hair restoration specialist — who has faced the trauma of hair loss and enjoyed the benefits of hair restoration herself — is an invaluable resource.

Getting To Know Your Hair Treatment Options

Our practice empowers our clients by educating them about each scientifically-proven therapy that can restore hair to a state of growth, strengthen it and a reduce fallouts. To achieve the best results for our clients, we offer four primary hair restoration treatments which allow us to treat the unique needs of a wide range of clients.


Red-light laser therapy — a proven treatment — stimulates the neovascularization support system which keeps hair follicles healthy; it also stimulates the mitochondria, spurring hair growth. Coherent light (light waves that are aligned and travel in synchronicity) penetrate the scalp and reach the base of each hair follicle. Our Theradome treatment delivers light at an optimized wavelength to maximize absorption and provide clinical strength hair rejuvenation. This technology is award-winning and patented.


Microneedling creates “micro-injuries” which activate the body’s healing response; the result is increased blood flow and repair cells to the site of treatment that rejuvenate the area, promoting hair regeneration. Microneedling, when combined with PRP treatments, can enhance the rejuvenation each patient experiences. Microneedling can provide substantial benefits to those suffering from moderate hair-thinning symptoms.


A PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment injects platelets drawn from your own blood into areas of the scalp where hair thinning occurs, delivering natural, rejuvenating compounds to hair follicles which strengthen existing hairs and boost new hair growth. The treatment is safe, natural and effective, and patients can enhance their results by combining a PRP hair-restoration treatment with microneedling.


Stem cell, or ACell, treatments recruit adult stem cells to the site of the injections which boost growth factors and help slow hair loss and boost hair growth. ACell treatments can be combined with PRP treatments and microneedling for maximum rejuvenation of treated areas. PRP and Acell treatments are thought to both prevent and regenerate hair loss that is a result of genetic factors. Sophia Michelle is currently studying the advantages of this new form of treatment, and it may be an option for her clients in the near future.

The Value of an Experienced Hair Restoration Specialist

Founder of Sophia Michelle Aesthetics, PA Sophia Michelle, is an experienced and well-trained Oxford Evidence-Based Educator, who meticulously reviews all the therapies she currently uses for their safety and effectiveness. She is also continually looking for new and better ways to help her clients overcome hair loss and regain the youthful, full hair appearance they still deserve to enjoy. Sophia Michelle’s personal experience with hair loss and hair restoration motivates her to provide realistic and results-oriented solutions for her clients because she understands the emotional impact that hair loss can have on women and men. In a hair treatment, much more is at stake than an individual’s appearance; their wellbeing can be substantially improved and so can their quality of life.

For hair restoration treatments that work and deliver results, visit PA Sophia Michelle

Hair loss and hair restoration treatments are extremely personal. You don’t want to trust something as important as your hair appearance to just any cosmetic specialist. You want a hair restoration specialist with the training, experience and compassion that will deliver exquisite results that also reflect the real you. PA Sophia Michelle is that unique cosmetic specialist who bridges the gap between high-quality and safe procedures and an aesthetic eye that brings out the best version of yourself, a person you’ll be very happy to see in the mirror every day. If your hair has become a problem and not a joy, it’s time to seek expert advice. PA Sophia Michelle is here for you.

Dallas, TX hair restoration specialist, PA Sophia Michelle offers nonsurgical therapeutic hair care therapies that help both men and women restore the health and pH balance of their hair.

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